Corporate Identity

Identity is the next best thing that makes your business and the experience you offer, a memorable one. It is noted that brands without proper branding result in having 66% lower retention rate vs. brands that do take it seriously. Cre8ivehive’s corporate branding services can really do wonders for you in terms of making your business into a fully recognizable brand.

strategically planned brand designing

Strategically Planned Brand Designing

The world is full of new trends and they are changing even rapidly. Here at Cre8ivehive we plan out a long term approach as to how to make your brand stand against the shifts of time. Our brand identity design services is fully planned out to nurture your brand from initial stages to maturity to help you reach your goals and beyond.

Designing Identity with a Spark

Copy and pasting is a very common phenomenon in today’s world. Cre8ivehive is far from it and prides itself in creating originally unique concepts for its clients that really speak to their customers. We do all forms of brand designing ranging from letterheads to business cards and everything in between.

corporate identity design company
Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding With Principles

Designing is not the hard part, its making it unique within the boundary of established principles. Our corporate branding design service is in complete sync with this ideal. We not only design perfection but also within the universal laws of design aesthetics that are well valued and noted.



  • Cre8iveHive is one of the best services in my opinion. Their work is very professional and the response is impeccable. I really love the logo they designed for my personal brand. Looking forward to work with them in the future.

    Sarah Clark
    CEO- Totally Refreshed SkinCare
  • After some really bad experiences Cre8ivehive was really a change for me. They website design provided was super and they just don’t stop until your satisfied. So I’m all in with these guys.

    Adam Levine
    (COO)- Horizon Consulting Inc
  • I’m a complete newbie to the online thingy and with Cre8ivehive I got a complete guide as to how I can do things online. Really loved their designs. Especially the logo, it did the trick for me.

    Susan Fletcher
    Manager-Susan Advertising


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